Rage, rage against the dying of the light…

I want to write this blog tonight. I want to write it so badly. I’m typing in hopes of some epiphany or for my writers block to lift and I’ll be able to write about the things I really want to. There are many things I want to write about and talk to people about. Whether it’s the weather, family, friends, if the world is really round, what if we were dreaming the lives we’re living now. There are SO many things that go through my mind in a day and I just want to talk to people about everything.

There’s one thing in particular; something very heavy on my mind and in my heart tonight. And because I know that no one is going to ever fully understand what I’m saying, they’re never going to feel what I’m feeling right now, they’ll never know what it’s like to say goodbye to someone who changed my life forever. Maybe they’ll experience them in different forms with different people. But not many will experience letting go of a person like this. Because there’s only one of them. There will never be another one of them. This person captivated my heart and soul and flipped my entire world upside down. They completely changed my view of the world; they made me really tap into what happens in our lives every single day. I’m talking right down the the clicking of the keyboard and trying to find a rhythm. Or the sound of the washing machine whirring, and what a strange sound it is when you really stop and listen. The animals of the night beginning to stir. The cars that go by. The sound of my babies sleeping soundly. I have been programmed to go through each day and just get through it. Well not anymore. Not after them.

It was a cold, dreary day in early March. I had only been at my job about a month or so. I knew I liked everyone, but otherwise had no idea what I was doing. What I did know, is that my life outside of work was a hurricane. Work was my safe zone. Work was where I knew I’d be too busy to think about it or talk about it. No one at my new job knew anything about what was going on in my life and to me, it felt like freedom. But this particular day; I woke up sad, angry, confused, and battling with myself about how I was handling the situation, how I was handling my life. I broke down and just didn’t have the energy to fight myself or anyone else anymore. I gave in. And when I gave in, threw in the towel, accepted defeat; I cried. I cried and I cried, All at this new job. This new job I valued, around the people I was trying to get to know. No one really said much. No one really knew me. So I walked around the building. I walked through the different practices until I went down one particular hallway. I walked down this hallway with tears pouring down my face, unable to catch my breath. Really unable to do anything but cry. As I was walking I heard a chair roll and out came this person; this person I had seen around and laughed with a couple of times, but not someone I knew anything about. He stopped me when he said “Bree! Come in, I think I have something that will help”. So I walked into his tiny closet of an office, still blubbering like a fool, wondering what he could possibly have to make this better. He reached into a drawer and in a thick Irish accent said “would you like a mint?” and I paused. My response through the sobs was “a mint?!” and he responded “oh yes, you can talk about anything over a mint. And a mint just makes you feel better anyway.” I was intrigued instantly. I’m not sure if it was his demeanor, his confidence, his obvious empathy, or his totally awesome accent. probably a bit of all of those things. He began walking with me and he began to tell me:

“I don’t know what’s going on, and you don’t have to tell me. But I will say that whatever it is, if your heart is open and kind, you can walk away with you’re head held high knowing you’re a good person because love and kindness always win.”

I put the mint in my mouth; I looked at him for a moment and I just remember feeling overwhelmed by the way he said it. Something so simple, yet so profound. I suddenly felt a light. I felt the darkness leave. I felt like a good person. In that moment I could reflect and know I am kind, I am loving, my soul is good. It was amazing how in just a few moments, this person went from a complete stranger, to someone who changed my entire perspective on how I viewed my life.

Time went on and I really took to him and his colleague. I felt like one of them; A group of happy, honest, pure, good people. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. I love these people. They pulled me through every single day without even knowing it. By telling me stories of 1970’s Ireland, making me laugh until my belly hurt, constant joy and happiness came from them. We felt like a trio. Never in my life have I trusted anyone as much as I did these two and I’d only known them a handful of months.

Through this time, this person reminded me, on days that felt a bit tainted in particular. Days that everyone seemed to be in a funk. He always said “Bree, you ARE the light in the dark places.” A saying I will never, ever forget.

I could go on and on and on about the stories, and the jokes, and the silliness. But what I’m saying is please remember to cherish the time you have with people. Never take a single day for granted. Especially if they make you feel as special as I did. I never thought a day would come that would remove a piece of our tribe. I really just never imagined the universe separating us after it had just brought us together. But alas, that day came. That day was today. I watched a person who literally saved and changed my life walk out the door. Not without leaving a note, a CD, and a “very Merry Christmas” though. No no, I’m kidding. I mean kind of, that’s actually what he said but he also bid me farewell. We spoke of making sure neither of us were ever to lose our “muchness” that we’ll only grow “much more muchier” as time goes on. Our time together was brief, but it was profound.

Long story short; when someone steps into your life and reminds you of what life and the world and everything around it, is truly about. And that’s Love. There is no other thing even remotely close to being as important as Love. Carry those people with you always. Listen to everything they have to say, because it may not seem like it, but it does end. Like all good things, it ends. Because it has to. These special people come into our lives when we need them. But that doesn’t always mean they’re here to stay. So listen, cherish, love. You never know when you’ll be sitting on your couch writing about them.

There’s certainly a void tonight. A void I know can never be filled. A void only time can help minimize the size of.

Go out in the world and “bring light into the dark places”, be kind, be giving, be real, be Love.

Never forget.


The Sun’s Risin’ Here in Memphis..

So I’ve been thinking about this all week. This nagging in the back of my mind telling me to write and I have fought it with every ounce of my being. That being said, I’ll preface with this; this post is going to be totally unorganized. Probably won’t be very exciting. May not make any sense at all. But please, if that was intriguing, continue.

I’m sitting here; the room feels cold, the rain is falling on the roof outside, my kids are sound asleep, Matt is away. I’m sitting here with with Brandi, Dave, and Jonnyswim playing in the background and each word is totally resonating. I smudged with sage trying to make all the “warm fuzzies” seem fuzzier, and hoped the sharp, overwhelming feelings I’ve been bottling up for months, would just go away. It’s helping, but I don’t know if anything other than writing it out is going to make it go away.

I don’t even know where to begin here. So many heavy things on my heart and I can’t choose which to begin with.

Maybe it’s giving love so freely. It’s hard, man. I won’t change it because it’s who I am, but I find myself disappointed continuously by the lack of return or paying it forward from other people. Not that the things I do or say are ever done with anticipation of recompense. I just find myself baffled constantly by how little people give love and even less, let love in. It’s sad. More than anything it’s heartbreaking because it’s not supposed to be like this. Why are we so hesitant to tell people the truth. How funny we think they are. How special we think they are. How lucky we are to know them. I suppose it’s fear, it’s scary to lay it all on the line. Not that I’m one to be giving advise on this, but I just feel like at the end of the day, I don’t want to leave things left unsaid or unclear. If you care enough to think it, you should say it. I mean that’s my motto, and I’m certainly not suggesting that my ways are best, quite opposite really. All I can think about is how many people I’ve lost for being honest. For being real. Maybe too real. And it’s just really really fucking sad.

My question is when do we stop trying for the wrong ones? The ones we know are no good for us in the long run but spark something in us and intrigue us so much that we can’t help but take the narcissism, the lies, the beautiful bullshit. When does that switch finally go off? The one that finally forces you to put your foot down, for God’s sake. Because this is crazy! Why for people who don’t benefit us? When do you know to give up, or do you? I just absolutely can not wrap my mind around the thought of not trying to salvage whatever is salvageable. Maybe it’s totally selfish. I make letting go far more difficult than I should.

Anyway, that was totally necessary. Regardless of whether or not it made any sense at all. Thanks for reading.

“..but I’m warning you, we’re growing up.”

Rough times arouse the search for the right ways.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday; something that means close to nothing in this house, but seems to have taken hold of what feels like the rest of the world. People are organizing parties, spending time with people they love, uniting for a common interest. Though I’ll never fully understand, and aside from the binge drinking and eating that go along with it, it’s a really wonderful thing to gather your closest and dearest friends and family under one roof.

Glass half empty here, but it is really too bad we only do things like that on occasions so trivial.

Time is meant to be spent with the people who make you whole; who better your heart and soul, make you laugh, listen to you, and most of all, love you.

It sounds contradictory; but as a writer, how effective would I be if I didn’t counter myself a bit? It’s also really important to learn to better your own soul, learn how to make yourself laugh, listen to your heart, and really, truly, from the depths of your being, love yourself. How can we possibly enjoy and appreciate wonderful people, animals, the moon, the sky, and the earth beneath our feet, if we can’t even love ourselves?

It seems we get to a point where we feel we have it all figured out. We feel centered and grounded. We do what makes us feel good. We take care of our bodies, and are grateful for them allowing us to be in the beautiful presence of all the wonders in this world. Then there are times when you can’t seem to identify yourself. Your face seems unrecognizable in the mirror. Your wounds open up and you’ve forgotten how to let yourself feel them. And the only way to heal, is to acknowledge them. Even if it means they crash into you like waves on the shore, knocking you down over and over until you finally decide you’ve had enough. That my friends, is where change comes from.

The path of self discovery and peace within ourselves is never ending. But wouldn’t it be nice, and by nice I mean easy, if we never let it slip out of our hands so far that it feels impossible to ever grasp again? And that’s where we start over; old habits, old ways of speaking and thinking to ourselves and others, old, debilitating, and self destructive ways that have lead us astray so many times. It collectively feels like the end of a soul searching, beautiful hold on our lives, and the beginning of the very same thing.

We’re not perfect. We are perfectly flawed in so many ways. We make mistakes. We say and do the wrong things for the wrong reasons. It is so easy to sit and bite our nails, tap our feet, twirl our hair, and wallow in our mistakes. They eat us alive. If only we could truly realize that all of the things we feel we are doing wrong, are leading us to the best versions of ourselves..again.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Be patient and kind with yourself and the people around you. We are all trying to mold into our best self. And remember, if you feel like you have messed up, fallen off your path, said the wrong thing, and you are deeply feeling because of it, you’re half way to being you again. If we didn’t know we were wrong, we would never change. We are perfectly human; beautiful, smart, funny, and loving. It’s our nature to be this way. We slip, but we always get back up.

“Every day presents a new opportunity to grow and press forward to your success. Stay the course believing that where you are right now doesn’t matter, as long as you are moving in the right direction.”

-Germany Kent

Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

I’m simply writing to write; Organize my thoughts in a fashion that probably won’t make any sense to anyone else, but the goal is to outwardly express the inner peace within my soul I’ve been longing for.

I have to remind myself in these times how much love surrounds me; how much happiness there is in the world, despite how terrible it can be. I need to relish in the fact that not all is lost amongst the turmoil that seems to encompass my life. It’s important for me to remind myself that “Bree” is still there. Her heart is still pure, she’s forgiven herself and others, her love is real, her wish for well being for others hasn’t diminished even slightly.

I’ve made mistakes, people have hurt me, the world has broken my heart. I’ve spent far too many days feeling just that; broken.

It’s not until we find a serene place to center ourselves, find people who care about us and share the same goals and love for the same things, find where we feel who we truly are. Whether it’s a quiet room alone, a yoga studio, or dinner with a friend who makes you laugh until your belly hurts, so much so that it reminds you that you’re still human. You CAN feel, even after numbing yourself for so long.

I’m usually a very factual person; I want to know why, when, how, what. It’s not until recently that I’ve learned there’s no rhyme or reason to everything. Some things, sure. But EVERYTHING, Bree? Come on.

I have opened my heart and begun to listen. Not just to people, music, books, or television. Although I do enjoy those things very much. I’ve begun to turn in. Not in the sense of shutting down but truly listening. Listening to my soul, my yoga instructors, my friends, my family, the universe.

Not everything makes sense. And only now am I beginning to realize it’s because things just don’t need to have a reason to be wonderful, horrible, or completely neutral. Some things just are. I have always despised the phrase “everything happens for a reason” but as I become aware of my own being, my own soul, my own person as a whole; that they truly do.

I was dealt the hand I was because someone or something believed I could handle it. That I’m strong enough to make it. At times I have wished whatever power, angel, god, I really don’t know, didn’t have so much faith in me. It wasn’t until I was finally quiet that I realized I’m not a victim. I’m not weak. I’m not incapable of handling trials and tribulations that seem to be flying at me like gunfire. Am I sensitive, scared, and overwhelmed? You bet I am.

I just have to trust that I’m here for a reason, that my life has been turned upside down right now to help me truly value when it’s back on its axis spinning in it’s effortless balance.

Nothing is permanent; we are forever changing, and so are the people, environments, and powers that make up our lives. It so difficult to realize when we’re in the throes of what seems entirely impossible to handle. But we always make it. And if we don’t, isn’t it worth knowing we have challenged it with love, grace, and peace and with everything we have without faltering from our true selves? The self that can’t be defined by someone else’s actions. Though the saying isn’t nearly as whimsical and sweet as I’d like, I’m coming up short as far as another; but rolling with the punches is our only choice.

The most important piece to remember is we don’t have to do it alone. No matter what, there’s always a power, a person, or even our very own souls that want to see us soar and live the life we so deeply deserve.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. You owe it to yourself and the people who love and need you. Always remember to gently release what no longer serves and nourishes your heart and soul. You deserve great things, we all do. Above all, we deserve self love. ❤️

That Wasn’t Me.

I swear she sang me through my darkest days; the ones I never thought I’d make it through. This song in particular though, this is the one that will always stand out. A sincere apology to anyone I hurt, and an acceptance and an apology to myself; that it just wasn’t me. It brings me to tears every time. Surely a song I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life. I can still feel the warm Washington wind on my face and the tears rolling down my cheeks when I heard her sing this live for the first time. Such a pivotal moment in my life that I can relive every time I hear it. It’s amazing what music or any art form for that matter can do to a person; how it gracefully sweeps in when you need it most, and the mark it leaves forever.

“Did I go on a tangent?

Did I lie through my teeth?

Did I cause you to stumble on your feet?

Did I bring shame on my family?

Did it show when I was weak?

Whatever you’ve seen, that wasn’t me

That wasn’t me, oh that wasn’t me.”



Disclaimer: I haven’t written in a while so I apologize.

Today was busy, but no busier than any other day. I took the twins for a walk with our dear friends, took a LONG drive home so naps were even an option, then played outside until we all crashed.

We all slept until about 5, a good half hour after my husband gets home and he decided we should probably get up (he was right, but don’t tell him that). I had planned all day to go to Yin Yoga; a meditative yoga class I regularly attend, but hadn’t in a couple of weeks. I thought “I don’t have to go, we can go for a walk, that will clear my mind enough”. But just as soon as I thought that, I knew how much my mind, body and soul needed the serene atmosphere, the soft voice of my instructor continually helping guide me back to my place of stillness, and just the time to be myself. So I gathered my things and set off. I left way too early, but it ended up giving me enough time to center and ground myself before the class began.

I’ve had moments when a meditation or restorative class has benefited me immensely and other days I’ve left just wishing I could have turned my mind off for just THAT hour.

Tonight was different; I was able to fully envelop myself in the peace that I so longed for. Again, even just an hour.

My instructor used a word tonight; I mean, I like words. So learning more about Reiki and Chakras and the terms used within the practice enhances my experience. The word she used was “Prana”. I remember thinking I’ve heard it before but never really knew what it meant until tonight. I was able to drive home and really reflect on how simple a word and its definition can be and still be so powerful.

I googled it the minute I came home and as I expected I found words like “life force” and “energy”. What I took away from it, was the shift in energy within. A change you can feel once you’re fully submerged in the moment. It’s amazing how infrequently we feel this. We should be feeling this all the time. There is absolutely nothing like being connected; mind, body, and soul and shifting all the negative, frustrated and overwhelmed energy, to just freedom. Freedom of the mind, freedom of pain, freedom from worry. That energy can so easily, if we take the time, change from overwhelming and stressful to serene. We just need to be still. Even for just a few moments.

As my instructor says every class “the present moment is the only place that life exists”.


A somber morning.

I am not sure what brings me here so much lately; perhaps it is the longing for a real friendship, one without boundaries. A friend who will snuggle up with you and just be there without needing to say a single word. I long for the two sweet souls I never got to meet or tell them how deeply loved and wanted they were. I somehow how have to accept that they were with me and only me, and felt nothing but warmth and love even if it was only for a short time. I long to make my children happy and seem to fail miserably every day.

I understand that life throws us things and we are supposed to be standing up and throwing things right back. Some days our arms feel like they weigh so much we couldn’t possibly. Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders and we feel we could collapse at any moment. 

I long for the people who make me laugh so hard I cry, I long for my family, I long for myself. 

Alone is a scary place to be. You can be surrounded by people and feel as though no one can see or hear you. Even if you are screaming at the top of your lungs. It has got to be the loneliest feeling in the entire world. 

And when we are here, what can be done? We could read, we could sing, we could cry, we could pretend everything is okay. But it’s not. This is what it is, and where do we go from here?

Acceptance is a small, quiet room.

It’s March 4, 2017 9:52am. It’s an unimaginably cold morning. My sweet babies, who have been cursed with yet another winter plague are snoozing away in their cribs, and Matt is out running errands.

I’m sitting on the couch trying get comfortable, which seems completely impossible because of this fever I’ve been clobbered by this morning. 

I’m alone; a time that is so necessary, but can sometimes be the most frightening, anxiety provoking, just overall sad place. Not always, but I can feel myself heading there. Just hoping someone will wake up or come home.

Anyway, I’m doing what most people do when they’re bored and alone. The most monotonous, useless, complete waste of time; Facebook. 

I hate it, but I can’t look away. I keep scrolling and I can feel that pit in my stomach growing so big I can almost feel it in my throat.

I’m seeing engagements, births, happy couples, trips to some of the most beautiful places on earth. And here I sit, alone, scrolling through a device that has only monetary value, and the ability to completely demolish my heart and soul. 

I sit here and see those posts and I think to myself how lucky they are; how lucky that they’re so happy, how lucky they are to announce a pregnancy, how just so perfectly lucky they are. And I start to sink. Most of me wishes I could be even remotely that lucky. The rest knows deep down, I mean so deep it scares me I won’t find it, that I’m lucky too. 

I see baby bumps; ones that would about match the size of mine if I hadn’t lost my miracle almost a month ago. Those posts rip the bandaid off and I find myself hurting so badly and praying for it to stop, once again. 

I see mothers who could rule the world and still be the best mom under the sun. And some days I feel I’ll never be half the mother they are. 

I see active people with muscles I used to have. I see hikers, skiers, and runners all getting out and doing what they love. And again, I’m here. Sitting alone. Just existing. 

But I continuously, and I mean all. the. time. need to close social media and remind myself that just because my track record (other than my beautiful miracles I am thankful for every day) I will likely never bring another child into this world, with a healthy, problem free, active pregnancy, or even at all. I try to remind myself that it doesn’t make me any less of a woman. 

I need to remind myself that Facebook doesn’t show the tears and sleepless nights every mother has. I need to remember that to Sidney and Eliza, I am Mama, and I am enough.

I need to also keep in mind I AM active. I can run, jump, lift, row, bike, and more. Not today, not yesterday, or even the day before that, because of working to help support my family, being a mother, and more. I go and give it my all when I can, and that’s okay. 

We are so hard on ourselves; we let everyone else’s social media highlight reel fool us into thinking their lives are perfect and ours are far less than. 

Our lives are our lives; our lives are the people we make smile during the day, the jokes we make, the joy we offer, the smiles, the tears, the laughter, and the love. 

Do yourself a favor, and I am too; turn off the phone and live your life. It’s not perfect but it’s no less than the person whose post made you feel inferior. We need to detox from social media and live in “real life”. There is so much for us to appreciate, and we can’t when we are being blinded by words and pictures on our screens. 

We are people; important, loved, smart, funny, and we are not less than. We are us. 

This was mostly just my mind wandering, but if it can help even one other person, I’m glad I rambled. 

“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” -Kathryn Stockett

Sweet Epiphanies

Today, and not even the whole thing, is guaranteed. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised.

We know to live for today. We hear it every single day. “Be present”, they say, “deep breaths”. Do we listen? Sometimes perhaps. Most of the time though, no, no we do not. We live for the future. Working our jobs, cleaning our homes, taking care of our bodies; all to prepare for what is not even certain. Not to say that those are not things we should do, because they are. But taking a look at the big picture (whatever that even means), are those things really us? And if not, what is? What makes us burn, love, feel, live? Epiphanies.

Today was no different than any other day. You kissed me goodbye just as the sun was rising from it’s slumber, just like you. I clung to your neck saying nothing but “it’s Saturday, it’s our day.” Knowing all too well my words could not stop you from doing what you had to do. So I waited; I had some coffee, exercised, had some lunch, and played with our fur family until I finally heard the key in the doorknob and as it slowly turned, my heart skipped a beat. Something that does not happen as often as I would like but I indulged in every second of excitement. You were home. It was our day now. But as usual, we had places to go, people to see, things to celebrate but all of those things are worth doing, especially when it is with you. You, with the bright blue eyes that captivate me every time I delve deep into them.

It was a night of celebration, our family just expanded by one and then some and what a cause for celebration that is.

As we wrap up our dinner and dessert, our side splitting laughter, have hugged and kissed everyone we hold so dear until next time. I look to you, the one with the eyes that I love so truly. Those eyes are tired, they have been for weeks. You have worked physically and emotionally, day in and day out, through your dreams, during your treks to and from all the places you go. As we get into the car and settle into our two hour car ride I see you begin to fade. Those eyes slowly drooping, your breathing becoming slower, and I watch as you can not fight anymore and sleep takes you away from me. But not entirely. I begin to look at you; trace your eyelids and your eyelashes, your nose, your lips, your chin with my finger tips. I am almost instantly flooded with emotion; Love to be exact. Love is all I felt, the kind that brings you to your knees, the kind that reminds you why you chose to spend your life with the beautiful soul sitting in front of you. I slowly slide over trying not to wake you, for you so deserve the deep sleep you have been drawn into. A sleep I have not seen you receive in far too long. So I take off my sweatshirt, bundle it into a pillow and slide it onto your lap where I inevitably lay my head in such content words could never describe. I do not need the sweatshirt anymore; I am near you. You keep me warm; not just physically but emotionally, spiritually, and any other way possible. The warmth of your skin on mine, the warmth of your fingers as I lace mine between them, the warmth of your steady breath on my neck. I feel the rise and fall of your belly, and with every cycle I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. That breath and your heartbeat; the very essence of  your being. The breath that gives you the ability to say “I love you” the heartbeat to feel when I say “And boy do I love you”. I am at peace. It is you. My life, the whole thing, is you.

You are pure magnificence in all of your simplicity. You are strong, intelligent, funny, loving, sensitive, and so purely you, and I just love you.

“I am, because we are.”

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Dawdling in Pharm land.

It’s Friday; an overcast, slower than usual, quiet Friday. This morning has felt different. I don’t know if it’s the weather, lack of sleep, or just the last day of the week, but I feel out of sorts. My alarm sounded louder and more interrupting than usual, my coffee didn’t give me the boost it normally does, and the lyrics of the songs playing in the background of my work station only seem to pull me deeper into my sullen stupor.

I had extra time this morning, something that never happens. I’m usually in a rush to make my protein packed kale, banana, chia, yogurt, whey, blah blah blah smoothie, wash it down with a cup of coffee, take a shower, somehow manage to make it to the gym, then get ready and be somewhat presentable for my laid back, awesome, totally manageable 10 hour a day job. But today is different, I skipped my smoothie, I didn’t think twice about going to the gym (probably as a result of my muscles begging for mercy), but I felt different than I have in a long time. For the first time in a long time (due to my few extra minutes) I was able to stop and feel what I’ve been too busy to let unfold. I’ve been grieving. Grieving the loss of friends who seemed to have disappeared when I needed them most, I’m grieving the loss of hope that I’ll one day have babies with my prince charming, I’m grieving the loss of precious time I’ve spent grieving. I’m going in circles. I’m spending time being sad, and I’m sad because I’m spending my time this way. I know I’m not alone; I know most adults feel like their days all seem the same, that they all seem like one long, monotonous day.

Luckily, I caught myself this afternoon. I was visited by one of the friends I have missed so terribly, one of my favorite songs came on just as I was at the bottom of my low today, and I had the opportunity to laugh until I cried with my boss whom I spend 90% of my time with (someone who would do anything for me). I had an epiphany, all of these wonderful things that happened this afternoon are unfolding and blossoming right before my eyes all the time. Seeing them, being present, and cherishing these moments is a conscious choice. It’s a choice that we need to constantly remind ourselves to do or we’ll get caught in the dreaded “poor me” life that so many people live in. It’s scary to think of how many beautiful things we let pass us by by sinking in our chairs waiting for time to pass just to do the same thing tomorrow and the next day.

I’ve always been a bit of an optimist. I’ve always believed in the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow at the end of the storm, and the lessons we realize we’ve learned after all trials have ceased. I got to a point where those little silver linings almost disappeared. But I strongly believe I’m coming out of the tunnel, that I can see that rainbow, and that I’m realizing all of these tests were just that; lessons to be learned. People come and go, as do opportunities to laugh, cry, and learn. So let’s enjoy them while they are here, right in front of us, in the now. How can we make wonderful memories if we’re not even there. It’s so important, I’ll say to take a step forward instead of a step back, into what we are missing. I think the more conscious we are and the more effort we put into being aware of our absence in our own lives and changing it, the more beautiful life is going to seem; because it is. It really really is.


“The time has come for me to change again
I can’t carry on like this, I will lose my friends
don’t say that you have given up on me
Just give me the time and space to heal my head
Some people say that I’m not worth it
I’ve made mistakes but nobody’s perfect
I guess I’ll give it a try”

James Morrison – One Last Try